Dent:Blend is a one-day, community powered Dent experience that seeks to bring the experience and vision of the annual Dent conference to new communities across the country. This year we are repeating the virtual experience. Join us on December 3rd at 1pm EST / 10am PST and see what the fuss is about!






Craig Martin, The Good Road - Collaborating to Tell Other People’s Stories 


Danny Fell, Optum - State of Healthcare and Healthcare Collaborations /  Unusual Bedfellows  




Ajena Rogers - Uncovering History of Your Own Family (And the Country) 


Closing remarks

At Dent:Blend we seek to create a unique experience to explore our future and our past through the lens of innovative leadership and creativity while simultaneously immersing ourselves in our beautiful surroundings and exploring all that Richmond has to offer. At its heart, Dent:Blend Richmond is an annual unpretentious event about vision with smart, thoughtful folks trying to change the world from the stage and the seats.

Our speakers come from all over the country and right here in the Mid-Atlantic providing ground-breaking approaches. From climate change to life-changing nonprofits or startup successes to lesson-sharing failures, Blend pulls no punches in providing an opportunity to learn and create community with fascinating people with an energy to do amazing things.

  • Join for virtual Dent:Blend sessions and discussions.


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